Here Comes Autumn

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Bringing the mist and rain…………………


Now I’m a huge lover of all the seasons but Autumn holds a very special place in my heart. There is something about the leaves changing colour, the crisp crunch as you walk upon them, the vast depths of ruby reds and golden browns through to dull yellows that makes smile.
Yes, there is definitely something about autumn. It’s a time for hot chocolate and blankets and movie nights. Hearty soups and yummy stews. Big comfy jumpers and woollen socks. Warm snuggly PJ’s and candles. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss Summer but I embrace the changing of the season and the beauty it brings.
Hello Autumn, I’m well and truly ready for you.
Although you hold a tinge bitter sweetness for me, my baby boy turns one this month, one, how do I have a one year old!! That year was quite possibly the quickest of my life. I do however look forward to seeing his face as he toddles along a path of crunchy autumn leaves.
So as I ventured out this evening to water my ever growing pumpkins  I felt happy to feel the change in the air, the coldness which greeted me, telling me that Autumn was well and truly here to stay. I’m quite happy about that.
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Something From The Weekend

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So this weekend was a biggie, it was my birthday, Yey!!

I can’t believe how many gorgeous presents I got.

A lovely bowl and matching measuring jug from my favourite store, Cath Kidston, be warned, Cath features a lot in this post.

A gorgeous Strawberry print scarf from, yep Cath Kidston.

The cutlery set I’ve coveted for years, yep, you’ve guessed it, Cath!!

A beautiful house crafting box to store all my yummy wool, again a Cath Kidston special.

Finally a retro cream phone, again something I have lusted after for years!

I was thoroughly spoilt with lots more Cath Kidston goodies along with chocolates, baking ware and cookery books.

Feeling very loved

Have a lovely week


The Week In Pictures

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This week has seen lots of rain showers, thunder and lightening interspersing the sunshine. It’s still been very hot and humid though, shouldn’t complain, the plants seemed to have enjoyed it.



I’ve also been busy designing and creating new ideas for the shop, some inspired by the new royal baby, super excited!

Stay tuned for info next week on a giveaway.

Have a lovely weekend