The Week In Pictures

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IMG_0249 IMG_0248 IMG_0246

This week has consisted of lots of pretty flowers, I love sweet williams. My favourite yankee candle sampler holder being broken (I was not impressed), a lovely new yankle candle small tumbler jar, roses are my absolute favourite flower, one day I will show you my wonderful rose garden.


New crochet designs for my Etsy shop, I’ve been busy beavering away when my little one naps.

IMG_0218 IMG_0210

Finally I’ve been taking lots of pictures of my creations and uploading them (as well as writing descriptions) onto Etsy, my shop will be up and running soon, stay tuned folks.


Like I said, lots of photos being taken! Have a wonderful weekend, looks like its going to be a beautiful one, glass of pimms, strawberries (homegrown may I add) and ice cream (I detest cream) and Wimbledon for me followed by a spot of gardening, bliss.



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