New Etsy Shop Live Today

A different blog post from the normal today as today’s something from the weekend is all about my new Etsy shop. I spent most of the weekend uploading pictures and getting my products online so I am pleased to announce it is live now!! I am working on new as we speak so even more exciting designs will be added as and when they are finished. I would love it if you stopped by and had a look.

I’ve created many designs that can be personalised to your taste and home decor. All items are unique and handmade by myself to a high standard.

IMG_0210 IMG_0218

 I will be hosting a giveaway soon to celebrate the opening of Peanut Stitch so please follow me on Twitter and Instagram to take part as well as on here.

IMG_0221 IMG_0468[1]

There will also be some promotional days which will also be announced via Twitter, Instagram and the blog, a great opportunity to save some money.

So stay tuned folks


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